Management consultancy, Grasp the Nettle, reveals its flagship product Wellonomics.

According to the Mental Health Foundation one in seven people experience mental health problems in the workplace and evidence suggests 13% of all sickness days in the UK are attributed to mental Health conditions.

With an increasing awareness of wellbeing and encouragement of the conversation around wellbeing and mental health, there has never been a more prominent time to apply this to the workplace.

The absence of an effective evaluation tool for workplace satisfaction has had a detrimental effect on staff welfare in the UK. Traditional staff satisfaction surveys often don’t reflect the true environment of the workplace because they can be onerous, viewed as a ‘tick box’ exercise and for the most part the results are out of date.

Pressure to submit responses lacking true reflection of the office environment and a nervousness of potential lack of privacy in feedback often means employees hold back on honest answers. Failure to provide constructive feedback means there is little chance of improvement in working conditions for many professionals across the nation.

Now, Management consultancy, Grasp the Nettle, has recognised the close link between an employee’s professional and personal life and pledged to bridge the gap between both. The organisation has developed the revolutionary programme WellonomicsTM,a function devised to measure, monitor and support wellbeing in the workplace.


Why is WellonomicsTM different?

By using the unique Wellonomics on-line assessment tool employees are able to regularly monitor their own personal wellbeing in a completely confidential way,  and are provided instant feedback and suggestions on how they can to take charge of, and improve their own wellbeing. At the same time, Business Leaders can monitor the aggregated results and enables them to identify trends across their Business, and can quickly gauge the impact of changes they make in the workplace.

Co-Founder of Grasp the Nettle, Peter Yates-Round said “High staff attrition, low productivity and a lack of engagement with management has been a constant worry for a lot of businesses”

“Wellonomics has been specifically designed to address all of these issues. Individual employees can explore their own wellbeing, and at the same time provide the management team with up-to-the-minute feedback on how they really feel about their working environment. All of this in a completely confidential and non-identifiable way. Peter continued ’Wellonomics is the antidote to the traditional Staff survey by being instant, protecting employee confidentiality and providing a benefit to individuals and the business alike”

The Wellonomics full circle approach creates a streamlined process resulting in enhanced personal wellbeing. Management will be able to acknowledge and address any identified issues that in turn will lead to lower staff attrition, increased productivity and above all a happy and engaged workforce.