Wellonomics helping you keep in touch with your people’s wellbeing.’

Wellonomics team are pleased to announce the next step in promoting the Wellonomics solution through engagement with partners.  This is a unique programme to engage with like-minded individuals who want to make a difference to individual wellbeing and impact organisational productivity.

With wellbeing already a challenge before the current COVID-19 outbreak the potential for Wellonomics to have an impact is greater than ever and we are looking to engage with partners who may already have a network of clients or organisations they are working with who could benefit from the Wellonomics tool.

Being able to assess and monitor individual, team and organisational wellbeing through a unique online assessment brings significant value both to the individual and organisational productivity.  Partners will be trained and given support to help spread the message and promote the tool and be rewarded accordingly.

“In becoming a Wellonomics partner our aim is that you become an ambassador, not only for Wellonomics, but for wellbeing in general.  That is why we are looking for partners who have a genuine passion for wellbeing.  In return you will have the opportunity to make a significant difference to individuals and to an organisations performance and productivity.  There are clear business benefits as well as a sense of pride and purpose in helping to address what is often the ‘elephant in the room’ or the ‘tough stuff’ as we describe it”

The Wellonomics Team. 

Wellonomics helping you keep in touch with your people’s wellbeing.’