The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtably re-shaped the way our world will function, not only now but probably for ever. One thing that this virus has taught us is just how fragile we are to an unknown, invisible and vicious viral assailant. So, how then can you effectively monitor your staff’s wellbeing whilst they work in a controlled office environment or working remotely?

It is becoming increasingly clear that for the foreseeable future, social distancing is to be the new norm. Using public transport, shopping and even socialising, functions that for generations have been taken for granted, will all need to be reassessed. How we approach everyday life will need to be re-assessed with new disciplines needing to be introduced and implemented as a necessity to protect our health and in extreme cases our lives.

With all of this in mind, how then do we as a nation get back to work? It would appear that new guidelines will reduce the amount of interaction we will be allowed to have on a day to day basis. In recent time (pre Covid-19) more and more people were beginning to work from home however the pandemic has accelerated this process by necessity rather than by choice. It would now appear that those people who have been told to work from home will be required to do this for a good while yet.

How then do employers and managers effectively interact with their employees on a day-to-day basis? Most businesses will have systems in place to monitor and check on productivity and efficiency, but how will they continue to engage with each other on a more sociable basis. After all, those who already work remotely will come into HQ at strategic times for a meeting and a possible corporate knees-up, however going forward this will simply not be possible. For a lot of people, going into work is much more than earning a crust, it is about living, interacting, socialising and above all having adult company.

A lot has been written about ‘wellbeing’ in the workplace and going forward new ways of monitoring this is going to be an essential part of running a happy and successful business. In the past employee engagement and wellbeing has been a ‘nice-to-have’ as opposed to being one of the most important foundations on which to build a business.

With this in mind the Wellonomics programme was designed, built and rolled out. Using the on-line Wellonomics assessment can play a vital role in helping your staff check their own personal wellbeing but also for employers to check on the way their team feel about communication, management style, workload and their workplace.

Wellonomics, enables a staff member to take a quick but effective on-line wellbeing assessment twice a month. The results are immediate with each staff member receiving their own personal assessment results with helpful advice. Meanwhile business leaders have access to constantly updating comprehensive reports in an easy to digest format that compiles anonymised data providing a barometer type wellbeing health-check on staff and their attitudes.

It sounds impressive and it really is. Here’s what one business leader says about Wellonomics:

“The wellbeing of our team is extremely important to us, especially as we provide workplace mental health training to a wide range of organisations to help them support their own staff. I think Wellonomics is great because it is anonymous, so employees can be open and honest about how they’re feeling and each month we look at the up-to-date data at board level to discuss current issues.

 We’ve had a 100 per cent employee engagement rate and we’re already seeing clear benefits. For example, staff told us that they were checking emails late at night, so we’ve now put measures in place where we have a cut-off point for sending emails. We learned that some teams were feeling out of the loop on communications, so we set up a chat group to keep people informed. They’re only small changes but they’re making a big difference.”

Vikki Sylvester

Managing Director, Acacia Training Ltd.


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you worried about your employees being afraid about coming into work?

Are you struggling to find ways of supporting those who have lost loved ones?

Do you have the feeling that your employees are finding the changes and uncertainty difficult?

Are you concerned that your employees are feeling isolated?

Wellonomics TM is an easy to use and effective tool that can help address and answer these and other issues raised by questions such as these.

Wellonomics shows an employee that employers care and are doing something to help and address wellbeing issues in organisations.

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Wellonomics helping you keep in touch with your people’s wellbeing.’