Wellbeing time well spent

Wellbeing is complicated. It’s different for everyone in terms of what they need. Different in what they can give on their own personal wellbeing journey. At Wellonomics we embrace that difference and complexity and deliver a sophisticated yet accessible wellbeing tool in return. Whatever time you spend on your own wellbeing is time well spent with Wellonomics.

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Wellbeing experts in the palm of your hand

Every time you use the Wellonomics app you gain an understanding into your own personal wellbeing, and ways you can either maintain or improve it. The world of Wellonomics is one powered by leading technology and wellbeing experts meaning any time you spend, be that an hour a month or an hour a week will deliver real results and support you can understand and implement in your daily life.

Wellonomics only works with leading experts in the 6 wellbeing areas of Sleep, Health, Stress, Social, Financial and Work. Once you use our smart assessment tool your personal dashboard will show you where your wellbeing is in real-time and point you in the direction of expert support and guidance where you need it, all highly confidential and from the convenience of your mobile or tablet device.

Your health matters

Over the past four years Wellonomics has identified your health and fitness as one of the single most important factors that drives your happiness.

We have teamed up with Myzone to provide every employee with an array of engaging fitness classes and challenges to help build a fun and engaging community that connects employees and helps to build habits that last.

Our health and wellbeing experts at the Training Shed will also provide you with real-world tips and advice on training, injury recovery and nutrition.

You are important to the future of our organisation. Your wellbeing is important to your happiness and health today.
Client stories:
Matthew Johnson, General Manager, Acushnet Europe Ltd

During Covid and the switch to remote working employees have had the opportunity to enrol in the company Myzone scheme to encourage physical activity and a company culture synonymous with group activity and health promotion. This has been achieved with the use of company Myzone challenges and leaderboards.

The Myzone system & belts have been a fantastic investment Acushnet Europe has made in our gym facility and for many of our employees who have chosen to use the product as part of their fitness and wellbeing regimes over the past 18 months. The belts have proven to be incredibly useful during the pandemic to help support our wellness support for employees as individuals and for group challenges. It has not only been fun but a powerful motivational tool to keep us all moving during the lockdown periods; from my own perspective there is no way I would have maintained recommended levels of activity without this.

Why should you take part?

The feedback you give will help you to better understand how you are feeling, and help your employer build a better culture in which everyone benefits.

Help build a work culture that gets the best out of everyone