What is the benefit of using Wellonomics in a business?

Wellonomics helps employees explore their personal wellbeing on a monthly basis and at the same time providing a business with essential engagement data to proactively promote health happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.

How easy is Wellonomics to use and how long does it take to complete?

The Wellonomics assessment is accessed by clicking on link in the email invite, once registered the assessment takes approximately 9 minutes to complete. The assessment feedback is instant once the assessment is completed.

How long does it take to register an employee on the system?

An employee is registered on the system by simply pasting the email address/multiple addresses into the registration area, once entered click a button and the system automatically issues invites and ensuing reminders. It’s as easy as this!

How will someone know when to take the assessment?

Emily, our virtual assistant will send out invitations and reminders on a regular basis. The comprehensive Wellonomics CRM takes care of all invites and reminders.

Is there any support available from Wellonomics for a business?

Yes, we have a team of Wellonomics Partners who are available to assist with every aspect of the Wellonomics offering.