Intelligent employee-led wellbeing

Welcome to the world of Wellonomics. The most sophisticated data secure workforce wellbeing tool around combining smart individual wellbeing assessment with smart individual wellbeing solutions, all facilitated by leading experts.

Need help working out where to invest your time, energy and wellbeing budget to get the best returns for your employee’s wellbeing needs? Wellonomics takes the guesswork out of workforce wellbeing by providing individual wellbeing insight across the 6 wellbeing areas – Sleep, Health, Stress, Social, Financial and Work.

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1 app. Over 1,200 individual wellbeing outcomes.

Wellonomics is powered by a unique algorithm which uncovers how an employee is really feeling via some simple statements.

Our in-app assessment allows users to respond openly and discretely about how they feel right now using our unique response slider. Wellonomics then returns the most intelligent wellbeing solutions for each and every user from a database of over 1,200 outcomes. With Wellonomics workforce wellbeing is anything but box ticking.

No more wasted wellbeing effort.

Wellonomics provides company-wide wellbeing sentiment. All completely anonymous but highly insightful to ensure company-wide wellbeing efforts and budgets are spent in the right places.

Employer benefits
Wellbeing feedback that pays back for everyone.

Wellonomics puts wellbeing into the hands of every employee to make a positive change to their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others within the company.

Employee benefits
Your people are powerful business assets, that when properly understood and valued enhance business performance, innovation, growth and value.
Client stories:

“We launched Wellonomics across all 170 staff and literally within days of choosing the system the feedback from them has been electric.”

Graham Wheeler, CEO
Advantage Finance Ltd

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