The Wellonomics Series

A collection of 8 specifically designed modules to support leadership, wellbeing and engagement in an organisation.
Develops Leadership strengths by exploring new skills and building confidence around employee wellbeing and engagement. Identifies the benefits for all stakeholders in raising the status of wellbeing and empowers all employees to own their personal
wellness and wellbeing.Uses real data to encourage leaders to develop people skills leading to increased engagement.

What is Wellononmics

A look at wellbeing and what it means in the context of the workplace. A snapshot of the latest research/studies around workplace wellbeing and the impact on organisations and their employees.


From sharing a simple piece of information, giving direction or presenting important news, we will explore the methods adopted in today’s world and how to choose the best way to share your message.

Personal Wellbeing of the Leader

Being an effective leader relies on personal wellbeing. A look at identifying personal wellbeing and the impact of the leader on employees.

Communication for Engagement

Specifically using communication as a method of engaging employee with the work of the organisation. Engagement communication in practice, including methods, tools and messages.

Do you know your team?

A look at the dynamics of a team. How well do you know the people you lead and how do you identify when there may be a problem? How can you use what you learn about individuals to help them perform at their best.

Getting the most from your time

Time is precious. How do you spend your time? A look at how best to prioritise your work, dealing with interruptions and who needs your time - including you.

Personal Influence

Exploring how much influence you may have, should have, want to have in the organisation and with your team. How you can influence decisions and results, or the thoughts and feelings of others.

Coaching, Counselling, Development

Exploring key coaching methods and skills, the time dedicated to coaching & development. The use of coaching & counselling. Setting an effective coaching and 1:1 plan with and for your team.

Emily & The Wellonomics Assessment™

Emily, our on-line assistant, will personally invite a user to take part in the Wellonomics™ assessment process. Taking part is easy, all the user has to do is click on the link in the invitation and begin the assessment. When completed the user logs back into the site and is then able to view the results and the feedback that Emily has compiled. Every user has their own personal dashboard where their reports are stored in date order. The reports can be viewed at any time.

Emily keeps in touch by email supporting and encouraging users to use the Wellonomics™ assessment as an ongoing way of checking their personal wellbeing. Business owners and senior managers have instant access to the aggregated data that the Wellonomics™ process collects. The up-to-the-minute ‘live’ reports show the trending attitudes that employees have about their workplace without compromising an individual’s identity.

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